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Robert Hughey
Robert Hughey
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From Atlanta, GA USA
Language English
Contacts Robert Wiley Hughey

970 Sidney Marcus Blvd NE #2111
Atlanta, GA 30324
About Writer. Social Media Evangelist. I've been called both "one good-looking nerd" as well as an owner of a "heart of gold-plated brass." I'll let you decide if either is true.

On to my credentials: I studied Professional Writing, Life Sciences, Music and American Literature for many years before finally finished with Writing, obviously. I started freelancing in 2005, stepping off that train a few times to write and produce television commercials among other pursuits. I'm prolific online, and I'm something of a Power Blogger.

My interests in my work usually center around Human Motivation and what makes us do those crazy things we do! Other than that, I enjoy the paranormal, UFOs, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Astronomy, Biology, Physics, Cosmology, Planetary Science, Medical Health (Empirical Based Medicine), Science Fiction, Fantasy, and I write a mean Romance. My articles tend to flow from my own questions, and the research I end up completing to satisfy my own curiosity become good content that I look forward to sharing here on AtContent.

Thanks for taking the time to read my "About Me" section.
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