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What is AtContent NativeAd

AtContent NativeAd is a native advertising platform designed to promote blog posts on thousands of relevant blogs.

Your posts are displayed natively and in full size on blogs with relevant content to ensure your posts reach target audience. This leads to your blog, brand, or services promotion reaching exponentially larger audiences to drive new, targeted traffic to your blog.

Why should you use AtContent NativeAd?

  • Get higher response rates in comparison to traditional desktop and mobile banner ads.
  • You only pay if relevant people interact with your posts for longer than 15 seconds.
  • You can start a promotional campaign in 3 minutes and from only $10.

How Does AtContent NativeAd Work

Why Use AtContent NativeAd

5 to 20 Times Higher the Response Rate*

On average, native sponsored posts have 5x–20x higher response rate in comparison with desktop and mobile banner ads.

Because sponsored posts are placed in the content area of the site and look native, their visibility is dramatically increased and the response rate (clicks, video views, other interactions) is improved.

* The reults can vary. No specific results are guaranteed.

Only Pay if People Interact with
Your Posts

With AtContent NativeAd, you’ll only be charged when relevant audiences view and interact with your sponsored post for more than 15 seconds! This protects you from charges for views and interactions that do not generate interest for your blog.

The Easiest to Use Native Advertising Solution

At most, you need more than $200 and several days to start a native advertising campaign. With AtContent you can start a campaign in less than 3 minutes. The budget can be as small as $10.

Audience Targeting

Your post is tagged and displayed in the AtContent NativeAd Marketplace. Here, only bloggers with the same tags can display your posts on their blogs. This ensures your post will reach an audience on relevant blogs.

Get your blog promoted on 7,000+ blogs from WordPress and Wix platforms.

Our Advertisers’ Success Stories

AtContent is money when working to gain visibility for new blog posts and other digital assets. I’m always looking for new ways to promote content and AtContent has hit it out of the park for us and our clients!
Greg Shuey, Co-Founder at Stryde
AtContent NativeAd expanded my audience and my sponsored content received a lot more notice. My sponsored story was displayed in full size and read by relevant audiences on many relevant blogs just in a few days!
Murray Newlands, Founder and Editor at