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Repost via Embed Code

To make a repost to a WordPress blog, please follow the steps of this instruction. The workflow with other blogging platforms is quite similar.

  1. Click the blue “Repost” button which is highlighted on the image below.

    Repost button

  2. On the appeared panel please select “Get Embed Code” tab.

    Embed code tab

  3. Select and copy the embed code. The selectable area is highlighted on the image.

    Selected embed code

    Here is the example of a copied code:

    <!-- Copying this AtContent post you agree with AtContent™ Terms of Service ( --> <div class="atcontent_widget"> <div class="atcontent_preview"> <p> In a recent interview from Apps World in San Francisco,  Laura Hulberg from Reliable Coders chats with TheMail about all of the services that Reliable Coders offer their clients, as well as the trends that she expects to see in the mobile app development... </p> </div> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> <!--more--> <script src=""></script> </div>
  4. Create a new post on your WordPress blog. Paste the copied code in the editor window. Please make sure that you are on the “Text” tab as it shown on the image below.

    WordPress editor tabs

  5. Enter the title for a new post. You can use the same title as the original post.

    WordPress editor title

  6. Select a featured image for your post. This is necessary for a correct post display on some WordPress themes.

    WordPress featured image

  7. Make sure that a featured image is set and publish a new post. Now you have a post that contains AtContent repost inside.

    WordPress featured image set

  8. The final result will be indistinguishable from a usual post on your site.

    Publshed post

If you still got questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.