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Frequently Asked Questions

Many bloggers successfully use AtContent to be reposted, reaching a wider audience and driving traffic to their blogs. And, there are even more bloggers who use AtContent to find and repost quality content on their blogs. As a result, they increase page views, social sharing and time people spend on their blogs!

Here are frequently asking questions from high-quality blogs and our answers for it, so you can get a full experience of AtContent:

What is AtContent?

AtContent is a blogging and content distribution platform. It allows relevant bloggers repost each other's content, dramatically increasing their audiences and traffic to their blogs.

  • By reposting content, you increase page views, social sharing and the amount of time people spend on your blog.
  • When other bloggers repost your content, you dramatically increase the audience and drive traffic to your blog through the links in reposts.

Reposts look native on any blog and don’t affect SEO.

Can I adjust a title, categories, tags and a featured image for reposts?

Yes. Click “Edit” on your repost, adjust title, categories, tags, a featured image and click “Update”. Everything is the same as for any of your posts.

If I repost other bloggers’ content on my blog, my readers might not like that. How to deal with it?
  1. First, if you repost a relevant content, your readers will like it a lot and will treat it as a content from a guest author or your friend. Each repost signed with an original author name.
  2. Repost looks super-native to your blog, because at AtContent we use JavaScript technology. Thus, you can be sure your readers have the best experience ever, as with any of your other posts.
  3. You can always change title and even insert a short introduction to a reposted article on your blog. Your readers will have even more fun by reading the story on why you like this particular blogger and why you repost his/her on your blog.

    Here are some examples of how bloggers insert different introductions:

How do I insert an introduction for repost?

Repost the post you like, then go to your blog posts list and click to edit the one you just reposted.

Then switch to text and write from the first line any intro you would like to.

When I repost an article, it appears on my blog immediately. Could I repost it in a draft section first?

Yes. Just change the settings and save it. After that all reposts will fist appear in your drafts section. This way you can adjust tags, categories, featured image and insert an introduction if you like.

How reposts affect my blog SEO?

At AtContent we use JavaScript, “nofollow” and “canonical” tags for all reposts. Thus, we avoid content duplication and show search engines the original source of content. Our reposts don’t affect your SEO at all.

If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to contact us. We reply 100%! :-)